Dance Me to the End of Love

Caso-me Contigo is the absolute BEST, MOST CREATIVE and MOST AFFORDABLE Wedding videographer in Portugal. I am an artist and video editor myself and so finding a great videographer was very important to me. I chose Vítor because his videos have a personal touch and they show the wedding as it was, in the best way. He is not trying to make your wedding into a blockbuster, cliché video with tons of slow motion and overly dramatic music, like so many other videographers do. He tries to capture your wedding and make the most authentic, lively, artistic video. For example, I love that he uses the actual sounds from your wedding and in my case he also used songs from my Youtube channel of me singing and blend it in perfectly. All his videos are so different, because every wedding is so different. Working with him was enjoyable and he is a warm, caring person. His prices are super fair. So if you are looking for a creative, personal documentary style video, then Vítor is your guy! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We find so much joy in the video! – by Lea Kalisch, the bride